Deeply Rested Pack


The Deeply Rested Pack is the here, helping you unwind by guiding your body & mind into a restful state! Sleep Deep, Wake Up Refresh!

What's in the pack?

Soothing Freeze Gel

Packed with 350mg of CBD this Roll On Freeze Gel delivers nearly instant relief to those achy joints and muscles! Made with all natural ingredients from Mother Earth this formula will help to heal long after it has been applied.

Deeply Rested  Morning Drops

Deeply Rested Sleep Drops are enhanced with Linalool and Humulene, terpenes that a commonly found in natures in sage, cannabis, ginseng, lavender. Together these terpenes can produce an Indica effects leaving you feeling calming and sedative.

Why get the pack? 

The reason we offer our package deals is that research has shown that alone Oils & topicals are extremely effective, but when an ingestible is combine with a topical there is a more powerful effect due to the different methods of delivery to the body.  

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